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I am a passionate Mother, a renowned Anti-Bullying Advocate, a Human Resources Professional / Consultant and a Social Entrepreneur.


My Mom taught me how to crochet when I was  7years old. Crocheting keeps me calm when I am anxious. Research has shown that it is therapeutic.

My first crochet work was a 20" by 16" dish cover. Afterwards. I made my first Amigurumi at 8years which was a cute Teddy Bear, and I crocheted a beautiful Skirt for my younger sister when I was 9years old. 

I started my official campaign against Bullying in 2017 when I launched an Anti Bullying advocacy in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa called, NIP IT IN THE BUD. 

Being in college for Master's Degree in Operations Management, at the Dublin City University , Ireland (DCU), I learnt how things could be done differently for innovative exploits. The book, "THE PURPLE COW" comes to mind!

Hence, the See it; Be it Toys' project (SBtoys)!

The Unique Selling Point of this Project is bringing the Art and Crafts of Crocheting into Curbing Bullying while still enjoying the benefits and the creativity that Crocheting brings with it.

Bullying is described as the deliberate intimidation or persecution of those perceived as weaker.


Bullies have unhealthy self esteem and findings have revealed that the home can contribute in a great way to positive nurture of children or otherwise 

Findings have revealed a correlation between Bullying and Crimes as countries worldwide continue to find lasting solutions to vices such as drug abuse, and alcohol abuse etc which are some of identified effects on Bullies and their Victims.


There is a call for new interventions  in curbing bullying through emotional contacts, (imitative , interactive behaviour) and I believe that this innovation of ; See it, Be it Toys, will be one of those interventions


I am the convener of the Left Handers Team in Nigeria, a voluntary project with the focus, to stop the stigma and Bullying associated with being Left Handed.


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